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Captain Pete Classic

2014 12th Annual Captain Pete Classic

Held on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at Country Hills Golf Course.

Champions – Team Beecher Owen -12

Article about Travis Thompson – Read here

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2013 11th Annual Captain Pete Classic

Champions – Team Cappy Pete All Stars – Garrett Kachellek, Brett Carter, Ron Alt and Brady Alt (-13)

Held on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at Country Hills International Resort and Casino. Field was 84 golfers strong!

2012 Champions

Kent Chilton, Erich von Landsberg, Mike Sither, Joe Doren (score -19, Country Hills)

10th Annual Captain Pete Classic held on June 2, 2012

2012 marked the 10th anniversary of the Captain Pete Classic. We clearly lost our minds because we committed to securing the entire course for the tournament. A record 103 golfers joined us at Country Hills with a shotgun start at 2:30 pm. All proceeds from the tournament went go Great Expectations – a nonprofit here in Greensboro, NC.

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The following are unverified facts about the Captain Pete Classic:

Captain Pete Classic

2011 Champions

Buddy Walker, John Carty, Brian Tuma, John Key (Country Hills)

2010 Champions

Chris Shields, Danny Alexander, Hillary McDade, KC Otis (score -15, Country Hills)

2009 Champions

Mike Sither, Josh Binford, Doug Swaim (won in putt-off on 19th hole, Country Hills)

2008 Champions

Chris Shields, Big Mike McDade, Mark Perini, Micheala Amidon (score -11, first year for the official trophy!, Country Hills)

June 21st marked the 6th annual Captain Pete Classic. Hosted again by the good folks at Country Hills International Resort and Casino, 35 golfers braved the rugged links in search of the trophy.This year, the stakes were much, much higher than previous tournaments. Billie Pope from NC Boats Unlimited graciously covered the expenses for 4 hole-in-ones on the courses. The prizes included a Bose System on #4, a set of Nike clubs on #7, the big prize of a sea doo on #9 and a $500 Visa card on #12. Of course, no one came close to scoring a hole-in-one and any insurance issues were happily avoided.

In addition to the hole-in-one prizes, the winning team was also awarded the first ever CPC trophy. Purchased the night before the tournament, this coveted prize drove many teams to go low. The team to go the lowest (-12) was the squad led by Chris Shields, Big Mike McDade, Mark Perini and Micheala Amidon. We all know that Shields carried this team for the 18 holes with timely contributions from the others – Big Mike contributing cold beers, Mark contributing unwelcome banter and Micheala contributing on the 18th hole from the red tees.

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Todd Munsey, Ian Jackson, Demond Burnette, Rodney Burnette (Do not know score; Secured in 19th hole trivia contest due to tie at end of 19 holes, Country Hills)

The 5th annual Captain Pete Classic featured a record number of golfers – 41. Friends from Charlotte and Raleigh came to the Gate City to compete in the tournament. Although there was bulk, this did not translate over to style. 2 teams were tied for the lead at the end of 18 holes. Since the teams moved to Ham’s to have lunch post the tournament, a trivia contest was held to determine the winner. The question was the winner of the 1975 open at Tanglewood with the answer Chi Chi Rodriguez. The winning team – Todd Munsey, Ian Jackson, Demond Burnette and Rodney Burnette. Other notable winners included Chris Shields (long drive MEN), Connie Mikesell (long drive WOMEN).

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Craig Head, Buddy Walker, Cynthia Martin and 4th player (Country Hills)

We had 24 golfers this year. Our most participation to this point.


Danny Wright, Dave Schwab and Hilary McDade (winning score -12, Country Hills)


[No idea who won this thing] (Country Hills)

Our first year at Country Hills. I vaguely recall having 16 golfers.


Peter Amidon, Damien Graham, Kelley Williams, Brad Byrum (Longview)

The Captain Pete Classic first started at the famed Longview Golf Course off Ballinger Road in 2002. Held around Peter Amidon’s 31st birthday, the “tournament” featured 8 players. The format was Captain’s Choice with 2 teams of four players. One team consisted of Mark Perini, Aaron Williams, Kristian Hiers and Micheala Amidon. The second team consisted of Damien Graham, Kelley Williams, Brad Byrum and Peter Amidon. In a hard-fought match, the team of Damien, Kelley, Brad and Peter prevailed on the 18th hole to secure the inaugural championship. While Longview closed down the next year, the tournament continued at the Country Hills Golf Course.